Announcing the Shadowverse Play Along & Mini Tournament!

So you guys know that I've been playing a metric dump ton of Shadowverse lately. Now no matter what online card game you're a fan of you know the tried and true argument with each and every one of them...they're so damn expensive! HSK Nanjiroh (/u/Najiroh1 on reddit) posted a Saving and Spending Guide for players of all skill levels to be able to keep up with the game.; which, after watching his video, has prompted me to begin a new YouTube series trying his methods out. However....the twist is that we're starting new, fresh, etc. etc. Sooooo taking that into consideration I've slightly combined Nanjiroh's info with the info in the Shadowverse New Player's Guide.

Basically what we're gonna do is start in the beginner's guide while weaving in Nanjiroh's budgeting strat ASAP. Let's take a look at the New Player Guide:

  1. Start Account
  2. Do tutorial and open packs
  3. Ask people in the Reroll Thread on reddit if you should keep your account or reroll it.
  4. Change dailies to single player while you do the next 2 steps
  5. Beat story mode for each class (at least up to 8)
  6. Beat elite AI modes
  7. Start the game

From step 7 is where we will start exploring Nanjiroh's saving strat. So all gold earned from the New Player's Guide can and should be spent to make saving more accessible. Looking at Nanjiroh's method:

  1. Do your dailies (approx. 120 gold daily)
  2. Get event dailies (ranges from free packs [see below if you should use those packs yet] to cosmetics)
  3. Climb ranked (apparently even if you're trash or don't have key meta cards just climb ranked every season to get what you can out of the score rewards)
  4. Use your Take Two Tickets every opportunity you can and do your best
  5. Grand Prix (GP), every month the GP happens (twice?) and even if you don't want to compete you get a free entry every day of it and you can immediately brick it for 30 gold
  6. Don't liquefy anything unless it's nerfed so you can get full vial value
  7. Don't craft anything until 2 weeks after an expansion or mini-expansion drop to see how the meta is shaping
  8. Get master rank (yeah...this can your best I believe in you!)
  9. Do NOT use pack tickets until a mini-expansion has dropped. If it's ~6 weeks after an expansion dropped the mini-expansion will be there. (I'll try to keep a list updated for y'all)
  10. Seriously, GP, Nanjiroh says your run of 5 games should only take 30-35 mins, just do it daily for max drops during GP season
  11. You need approx. 70 packs of each expansion for full playsets of all bronze and silver cards of that expansion. This should also net you ~8 legendaries.

Seeing as some of the beginner's guide requires other people to fully take advantage of the early gold generation our timing may vary but here's a basic rundown of the rules I'm imposing on myself (you are not required to stick to these rules but if you do, more power to you!):

  1. No money, nada, zip, zilch, even if I had money to throw at a 2nd account these rules still apply.
  2. 2 hours of playtime per day or finishing all dailies (whichever is longer).
  3. Daily gold obtained during the New Player/AI phase will be considered Nanjiroh gold and will be saved accordingly.
  4. These rules apply even during the beginner session.

So my current phasing looks like this:

Phase 1 - Rerolls - reroll 3 accounts, choose the best one of the 3 based off of posting in the reddit reroll thread. If no one responds to the reroll thread by the end of the first day I will just make an educated guess on which one to keep.

Phase 2 - Story - I'm feeling like the story (even with skipping the cutscenes and dialog) will take me more than 2 hours to complete, so this may be a few days. That's why I will be having my dailies set to Single Player during this time to maximize my time.

Phase 3 - Elites - This one should take 2 hours....but maybe a little more, no more than 4 max I think

Phase 4 - Private Matches - I'll utilize the discord to play my 20 private matches and earn my free 2k gold

Phase 5 - Nanjiroh begins - From here I can only utilize the cards I've earned up until now, earning cards solely through "spendable" card packs and working towards master and earning the estimated 4500 gold a month. Then as expansions and mini-expansions drop utilize the Nanjiroh budgeting method to work my way through the ranks.

So there it is! Oh wait...there's something in the title about a mini-tournament. So here's the deal, the tournament is not head to head, the tournament is resource based. I'm still working out the values, but I will assign a point value to packs, gold, and vials. At the end of each month whoever has the highest totals of each will get a prize...I'm still working that out if you're interested go head on over to our Discord and join the #shadowverse channel to join me in my play along or work together to get your Shadowverse fun times started. Make sure you're subscribed to the YT channel to see the daily upload of how I'm doing!


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